Liszt Ferenc International Aiport

Travelers arrive by Budapest through Liszt Ferenc International Airport. It was formally called, Ferihegy International Airport. It is the largest airport in Hungary and the second largest in Central Europe after Vienna. It is located at about 23 kilometers from the center of the city. This airport is easy to navigate and it is well connected to the city. The airport has a capacity to accommodate more than 9 million passengers.

Budapest is connected to almost every city of Central Europe. The international airport plays an important role in the connection of Budapest to Europe and the rest of the world. The result shows that the top destination of Budapest is France (Charles de Gaulle) and London (Lurton). Other Cities such as Munich, Amsterdam, Rome, and Barcelona have received several transfers from Budapest airport. The traffic is very dense at the airport. There are a large number of companies that handles the transfer of passengers at Budapest International Airport. These private companies that handle the transfer are numerous. An example of private is A-Transfer Company, which aims to ensure the comfort of passengers on their landings at Budapest airport.