Budapest one of the biggest tourist cities in Europe

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe. This country with an exceptionally rich cultural heritage: folk culture, museums, many villages.

The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Budapest is a very beautiful city due to its atmosphere that attracts people around the world.  It offers a unique atmosphere and an interesting scene of classical music as well as a thrilling nightlife. The city begins to become a very popular destination for youth and European tourists.

Today, Budapest is a perfect center to develop tourism in Central Europe. The attractive and harmony nature of the geographical atmosphere of Budapest is inevitable. In any geographical description of Budapest, The tourist site Danube must be mentioned at first. This is a river that crosses the city from the north to the south separating the Pest and the hills of Buda.

Budapest is a UNESCO world heritage site for its cultural and architectural presentation of Danube the most visited tourist site. To develop tourism Budapest contains a large number of tourist sites apart from Danube. It is located about 16 kilometers from the center of the city. We can access Budapest by airport, train and by car.